Thompson Submachine Gun Drums & Magazines
Just a few of the drums for the Thompson sub Machinegun
There are many makes and types of Thompson drums and Magazines. I will try to post a picture of most types and styles.
Now the AWB is over, buy your new "L" drums from Kahr Arms here New 50 Round Drums!
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Pair of Thompson's and some drums
back locking key
back side print
Seymour full back view with print
close up of "S" on Seymour rotor
full front view w/key
Inside of Seymour "L" drum
Another view inside the Seymour "L"
No printing on drum cover
close up of Seymour drum rivits
Another view of rotor "S"
Front instructions Seymour
Seymour "L" Drum
WH "XL" drum back
"XL" back side name plate-Note no printing
"XL full front view
"XL drum inside view
"XL" full body view
"XL" top & bottom togather
"XL" drum feed lips
"XL" drum top rivits
"XL" or 39 round Thompson drum
Bridgeport body & wind key
Bridgeport close up front print
Bridgeport front print
Bridgeport "L" drum inside
Bridgeport rear lock
Bridgeport "L" drum top cover
Bridgeport winding instructions
Close up Thompson logo
Front view Bridgeport "L" drum
Bridgeport Thompson logo & wind instructions
Bridgeport "L" Drums
Note hole diameter sizes
18 round shot magazine
20 Round Thompson Magazines
The 18 Shot Riot Magazines
Crosby 20 and 30 Round Magazines
1 Style of 20 Round Crosby Magazine
Want to sell your old drums or magazines for the Thompson? Email me, I may be able to help.
Machinegun Mike
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